Records and Archives In the News is a compilation of news stories
related to records and archives management.

DOUBLE Identity
CIO Insight (subscription) - Northbrook,IL,USA
... Then, a month later, a container of backup computer tapes containing
personal information on 600,000 current and former Time Warner Inc. ...

HOT on the paper trail
Bloomington Pantagraph - IL, USA
... Among the items in ISU's archives are trustee board meeting minutes,
student organization records ... Becoming an archivist has brought
life full circle. ...

ORAL histories from 'everyday people' immortalized
Chicago Sun-Times - United States
... Archives: Will be donated to the American Folklife Center at the
of ... interview her longtime friend Charlotte Adelman, an attorney and
archivist for the ...

GPS technology for history lesson
BBC News - UK
... A-level pupils have already digitised documents found among the
in the ... Kevin Matthias, County Archivist and Heritage Officer, said
it was an "exciting ...

NEW Orleans tech businesses restore operations
Computerworld New Zealand - Auckland,New Zealand
... He and Starwood CIO Bill Oates praised the staffers in New Orleans
for their ability to deal with the data-retention issues as well as the
IT needs of guests ...

SS number solution remains elusive
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - St. Louis,MO,USA
... of fraud. To perform that check, Edentify examines information
by data brokers, companies like ChoicePoint Inc. and Reed ...

HARD drive may not be as clean as you think
Ventura County Star (subscription) - Ventura county,CA,USA
... more than 5,000 credit card numbers, personal and corporate
records, medical records, personal e-mail and pornography. Attempts to
delete files can ...

CIVIL Rights Institute accredited by top US museum organization - Birmingham,AL,USA
... and interior, including storage areas. Hall said they also had to
the BCRI's archival collection. The last stage of the ...

GROUNDBREAKING for Heritage expansion set
Bismarck Tribune - ND, USA
The addition to the State Archives and Historical Research Library
is the first phase of a projected $30 million expansion of the Heritage
Center ...

BINDING the loose leaves of women's history
Australian - Australia
... the other six works in this collection able to be shoehorned into
definition of the artist's book posed by Helen Cole from the State
of Queensland ...

HISTORIC petition rescued from rubbish tip
The Age (subscription) - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
By Larry Schwartz. JOCK Murphy was delighted. "You wouldn't do this job
if you weren't excited by this sort of thing," the State Library
librarian ...

EMAIL Security - What Are The Issues?
Help Net Security - Croatia
... For example, Bank of America was fined $10 million USD in March 2004
when it ... challenge, the traditional method of restoring lorry loads
of backup tapes to find ...

ALPHAWEST joins AXS-One and Sun Microsystems to deliver powerful ...
Computerworld Australia - Australia
... aspects of records. This alliance further complements the Alphawest
Electronic Records Management capabilities. Alphawest will assess ...

HE Impact of Regulatory Compliance Mandates on Business Process ...
Mondaq News Alerts - World
... DoD 5015.2, UK PRO: National standards on records management in the
US and UK. Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA): Privacy of financial

NORTH Warwickshire Council Chooses Tower Software For Information ...
Managing Information - UK
... to deliver within budget. We were impressed by their records
functionality and TNA approved status. We had also taken ...

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