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> Date:    Mon, 5 Sep 2005 08:31:33 -0700
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> Subject: Re: Final Decision on Listserv Party
> Hugh ... As far as I know nothing has been decided.  Last I heard was a
> Tavern across the river.  Unfortunately, with you going on vacation we
> lost
> guidance and focus.  Perhaps now that you are back and primed we can
> find a
> spot.
> Bob Dalton, CRM
> Dalton Consulting

The last I heard we were looking for Patrick to provide guidance on a
local spot.

I suggested a get together at a local data storage company where we
could supply beer
and wings and wine and cheese.  This would have been private for
Listserv types and
their wives or friends or whoever had something to add to the group.

This was decided to be not as much fun as meeting in a local hot spot.
A little more rowdy
mood was desired.  ( We all know what wild things we are at ARMA. )  So
then we went back
to the bar.  But the bar of choice is still an open question.

That is the minutes of our previous discussions.  We have time and day.

We now need an executive decision on a place.  Larry and Patrick need
to decide.  Or we just
agree that it is the Goat place.

Susan or Larry decide as Pat is probably knee deep in ARMA Chicago

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