I was talking to one of our records consultants this evening about a
client project that we have. The client uses a considerable number of
Lektriever-style storage systems for their HR records, which are among
the services being outsourced to the company that I work for.

As we were working on the project plan, it occured to us that unloading
a Lektriever sequentially (i.e. tray 1, tray 2, tray 3, etc.) could be
a problem when we get about a third of the trays emptied. It seems to
us that the system will be unbalanced and that could cause problems
with the internal mechanism. The very last thing we want is to have a
Lektriever with a bunch of records stuck inside.

Has anybody had any experience unloading an entire Lektriever? Any
helpful hints?

Pat Cunningham

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