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> I had a brainstorm and wonder if anyone out there has any thoughts about
> it. Utility companies usually send extra crews to disaster areas to help
> restore power to affected areas. Has anyone thought about RIM volunteers
> that could help with recovery once the situation is more stable? It
> might be a tough sell to get an employer to allow some of their RIM
> personnel off to volunteer for RIM diasaster recovery but has anyone
> thought about it or tried it?
> Rescue operations are still on going and some RIM recovery operations
> have been stalled at checkpoints from what I have read in RAIN. I also
> realize a lot of RIM professionals in the gulf states may not have jobs
> for a while or not at all considering the destruction in some areas. I
> am aware of disaster recovery vendors but I am sure much more assistance
> will be needed. Any thoughts out there?
> Rob Seibolt
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