Doesn't sound like something *I'D* like to hear if I was a client of the 
"Leader in data protection"

From the article....

He also said he has been unable to get a response from Boston-based Iron 
Mountain Inc., which handles off-site data storage for SCP. The area around 
Iron Mountain's Kenner, La., storage facility is flooded and inaccessible, 
said Babco, who added that he would have liked to have had SCP's backup 
tapes sent to Dallas in advance of the storm.

 "They've not been able to provide us any information about when they will 
be able to get tapes out of their facility," Babco said. "I think they 
weren't proactive in seeing the event looming and getting the tapes out of 
harm's way." He vowed to switch to a different storage archiving vendor. 

Ken Rubin, senior vice president of marketing for Iron Mountain, said he 
doesn't know why Babco didn't get a response from his company. Rubin said 
Iron Mountain began responding to disaster alerts from customers on Aug. 26 
and moved requested tapes to customer off-site facilities. 

Rubin said Iron Mountain proactively went to the facilities before the 
hurricane struck and moved all the data tapes to higher shelves in 
preparation for flooding. Now, Rubin said, his company is working with 
authorities to get back into the four data storage facilities in New 

"We don't know once the levies broke what impact or not there is to any of 
the content of the building. We are trying to get in," he said. 

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