Dear Colleagues:
I apologize to non-ARMA members. I am also posting this on the ARMA Forum. Below are my comments on the ARMA Strategic Plan:
I think the overall layout of the plan is very good.I am glad to see that a thorough explanation is given for readers at the beginning of the document. I am also glad to see that the Association is now providing more quantifiable metrics so we can more accurately measure costs v. benefits.I give the Board huge kudos for this document!

Here are some specific observations:

A vision statement usually is a short, inspirational phrase outlining where an organization wants to be.Thus, ARMA?s vision might be worded as, ?To provide education and resources to ensure that RIM is a vital function and RIM professionals are valued assets in all organizations?.

Of the two bullets, I think the first bullet is better worded for a mission statement.
The word ?champion? should be defined in the Glossary at the beginning of the plan.

The word ?transparency? should be defined in the Glossary at the beginning of the plan.

In reviewing the Radar Screen, there are several issues still affecting this Association that we have discussed for years.These being:

InternationalExecutive sponsorshipVolunteer recruitment
It is my opinion that establishing core competencies may go along way toward helping to solve items 2 and 3.I would ask of our membership to please volunteer your time and expertise to the ARMA RIM Competency Project.

International has its own set of challenges; however, I believe it is time for ARMA to answer the core question?How ?International? does ARMA want to be? Once this decision is made, ARMA can then begin to focus on a real International strategy.

John P. Frost, CRM
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