> OK, I was wrong ... from message #1 at 
>, it looks like Pat 
> Cunningham set up and owns the Off Topic and Download Yahoo Group. It is 
> active, with the last file posted early in August.
> I think he works this listserve from a personal email address. Please hold 
> off on all the "me too" messages. Be patient. He probably hasn't seen the 
> offer for the PPT file, yet. Usually, presentations like this of general 
> interest get added pretty quickly.

Wrong? YOU?!?!? Never....

Thee are two Groups. Pat set one up for "Off Topic" discussions, primarily 
designed to be a home for peopel to ply their "witty banter" and avoid 
exchanges that have NOTHING TO DO WITH RIM that may "push the limit" of our 
70 message a day max on the RECMGMT-L Listserv.

I set up one for RIM Resources, where I've posted a bunch of "useful 
goodies" over time, including links and instructions on how to join the 
various Listservs (and why you would or wouldn't want to) that's independent 
of the one Pat set up.


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