Granted, it's a PRNewswire piece, and NOBODY ever makes themselves look bad 
in one of these, but all the same...

From the release:

...approximately 25 percent of a la mode's appraiser
clients in the affected states were using the company's automatic Internet-
based "Vault" file backup solution, which stores the files at a la mode's 
center in Oklahoma City and at other redundant locations. As a result, even
if computer systems, paper records, and backup tapes were destroyed, those
appraisers will be able to reconstruct all their lost files, invoices, 
lists, and even digital workfile copies of the notes used to complete their

 "Appraisers will play a vital role in the long-term reconstruction of the
area, and data loss is the single most significant issue facing businesses
after a disaster," commented Scott Kinnaird, a la mode's CEO. "Being able to
get back to business quickly with no data loss, when the time comes, will be 
boon to those clients using the Vault, and to the local housing industry as 
whole. That's why we built the system in the first place, and this just
proves its real value even on a macro basis."
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