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Having blown an excellent chance to try to digiscope the bird on Tuesday I decided to try again on Thursday. I arrived at the refuge just after 6 and waited for sunrise. As of 3:00 pm when I gave up the bird had not been seen. By the time I returned to the twin levees area about an hour later all cars were gone. I am guessing the bird was not seen after I left. It was very windy with the gusts picking up noticeably by the time I left the refuge at 5:00.

A few points to consider if you are thinking of looking for the bird. The storm surge from Rita is impressive. On Tuesday at low tide almost the entire impoundment was exposed mudflats with very little water. On Thursday there was essentially no low tide. By the time the tide turned there were only very small areas of sandbars/mudflats, pretty much all up at the "T" intersection. This situation is expected to continue Friday and possibly Saturday. There were birds in these locations but not the bird. Prior to this exposure there were birds seen on the small islands in this area, mainly hidden in the grass. You might consider going after noon when there should be some exposure and the birds will be more likely to be in the open. Quite a few shorebirds were seen leaving the impoundment for parts unknown, flying east over the saltmarsh.

Also seen - at least 2 American Golden Plovers and at least 2 American Avocets. On Tuesday there were hundreds of teal in the impoundment. On Thursday I saw only 2 birds in the impoundment and maybe half a dozen flyovers. Very few land birds were found but there were many gulls, terns willets and a few other shorebirds on the flats by the lighthouse.

Bob Richter
Baker County

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