I've confirmed a second Selasphorus in my yard today. It's definitely a
first year bird (lack of gorget), I'm assuming a female based on a lightly
stippled throat where rows end with larger feathers forming a necklace.
She's got minimal rufous spots on the back and black tipped green R1
feathers. She's also not shy. She's come out to see me and on a couple of
occasions today has landed and sat four feet from me on a Firebush.

She appears to be staying in my front yard while my adult female Rufous is
still in the back. She sits inside the Firebush or in the Chinese Hat (not
currently blooming) below (more like blocking) the front left window. I
heard her chipping high in the oaks this morning but could not find her.
This afternoon she's been reliably found in the Firebush.

I believe I've heard other Selasphorus over the past week and possibly seen
another adult female but have not been able to confirm it until now. I
believe this "new" bird was the one that became very noticeable a few days
ago when I was moving mulch in the yard. I could hear it was a Selasphorus
but a lack of binoculars and too much sweat and fatigue prevented me from
getting a good look at her. When I did, I didn't believe I saw the central
spot but the look was not definitive.

I've had considerable hummer activity over the past few weeks with regular
counts of around six Ruby-throats in addition to the Rufous. My neighbors
report hummer activity in their yards as well. The Ruby-throats have all
been adult and young males. No sign of any females.

I'm reminded of late September/early October 2003. A period in my life I
could have done without was made easier by the appearance of 5 young
Selasphorus in my yard. One of them was the female that was banded and then
confirmed again last year and has most likely returned again. Now might be a
good time to keep an eye and ear out for young Selasphorus.

As always, visitors are welcome. Maps and contact information are at:

Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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