Hey Everybirdy,

  On the way to work this morning at the cape  (restricted area) saw several
small groups of Black-bellied Plovers in  the grass along the causeway between
the space center and the air force base,  totalling around 30 birds.  As well
as a handful of peeps and Short-billed  Dowitchers zipping around near the
waters edge.
  While out around the base I spotted 3 Ovenbirds, 2 White-eyed  Vireos, 3
Red-eyed Vireos.
  And while my duties are not necessarily to "bird" per say, I did  take a
peek at the beach and was delighted.
12+Red Knots
15+ Black-bellied Plovers
60+ Royal Terns
20+ Sandwich Terns
  And as I was finishing the day and heading back to the office, what  do I
spot on the wires?  My FOS American Kestrel(male)!!! Ahhhh!
  Oh yeah, I saw some Florida Scrub-Jays too! lol
  Another interesting sight, as I hadn't seen one in a week or so, as  I
rolled off the westbound side of the drawbridge of SR 405 on the south side  was a
flock of at least 100 Black Terns foraging over the water.  Very  nice.
  See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton

Titusville, FL (

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