Hey Everybirdy,

  It was a good day for pradatory birds out at the Cape.   Unfortunately it's
restricted area but want to pass on the info.
In addition to the several Palm Warblers here and there, noticed several
Red-eyed Vireos and many small groups of warblers were passing overhead far too
high for an ID early in the a.m.
1 Great Horned Owl
1 Merlin
4 American Kestrels
1 Red-Tailed Hawk
2 Red-shouldered Hawks
  On the way home, the Black Terns were active again off along the  southwest
corner from the drawbridge on SR 405.  The water was like glass  and it was a
beautiful sight to see them all dipping along the water.  Not  as many as
there were yesterday but I estimate about 50-60 altogether.  Got  a few pics, but
they're not nearly as captivating as it was to watch them, the  only thing
missing was music!
  Oh yeah, and I saw LOTS of Florida Scrub-Jays today too! lol
See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton

Titusville, FL (

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