Hey Everybirdy,

  While working out at Cape Canaveral got a "3 of a kind"!
American Kestrel
Peregrine Falcon
  ....had my fingers crossed for a fourth but that would've been quite  a
stretch!  Awesome! But quite a stretch! lol
  Ran out to Canaveral Mational Seashore for a look around
because....well....the Mrs. said I could! lol
Beach 10
1 Wilson's Plover
4 Red Knots
1 Reddish Egret
6+ Black-bellied Plovers (jv's)
  Then a leisurely drive (is there any other kind?) through Blackpoint  Drive.
  Between stops 3 and 4 on the left hand side was a small mixed flock  of
10 or so Blue-winged Teal
6 Mottled Ducks
2 female Northern Pintails
  There had been a drake hanging around E. Gator Creek Road 2 months  ago,
but he hasn't been seen in a while and I assume he's been hiding here since  the
spring anyway.
  Stop 5
approx 6 each of Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs
  Stop 6
2 Black-bellied Plovers
1 Willet
1 Greater Yellowlegs
   it's starting to show some promise for some shorebirds, as the  water
level is dropping a bit, let's keep our fingers crossed!
  On the way out, I spotted a pair of Northern Shovelers with a pair  of
Mottled Ducks in the impoundment between Pumphouse Road and the main road  just
west of the SR 402/SR 406 fork.
  See you out there!
  Got some nice beach shots of Red KNots and BB Plovers as well as a  Reddish
Egret and hopefully the Wilson's Plover- hope to have'em on the site  later
tonight if "you's" would like to take a look!

Thomas J. Dunkerton

Titusville, FL (

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