This evening I did some birding at Egan's Creek Wetlands.  Six (6) BLUE-WINGED TEAL were present foraging in the first impoundment.  A loosely-knit flock of 13 EASTERN KINGBIRDS flew overhead.  Seven (7) warbler species were observed, including a first fall female BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER, as well as my FOS BLACK-TH. BLUE and BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER.  A pair of PEREGRINE FALCONS were accidently flushing wary waders.

Ybor Alvarez Soccer Fields-- The only remnant from the Leary's report was a single BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER.

The Wetlands--  Egan's Creek held a few migrants during the evening including 15 or so foraging EASTERN KINGBIRDS, SWAINSON'S THRUSH, EMPID SP., and a LEAST FLYCATCHER.  A few warblers were also observed including a YELLOW.

A few days ago in Yulee three (3) COMMON NIGHTHAWKS flew over.

Good birding!

Justin Rink
Amelia Island
Fernandina Beach, Nassau Co.
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