The plover was seen Wed. morning, and as those folks (Cavanaugh, et al) were leaving about 9
a.m., Bob and I were arriving with two friends from the Pensacola/Gulf
Breeze area. Jim Cavanaugh, who had just seen the bird, even walked back out
the levee with us to be sure we found exactly where the it was. Thanks, Jim!

We spend about three very, very hot hours out on the northernmost levee. 
I spotted what I thought might be the bird and called Bob. He got
a fair look, calling out field marks as he saw them.  He also thought it was
the bird, but a Merlin passed by and off they went. And we couldn't find it 
again. That is not to say it wasn't there, just that it is not a "gimme." After the Merlin, 
a Peregrine came, then two eagles. The shorebirds stayed on the move a
good bit of the time. We didn't find the plover. 

After cooling down in the visitor's center and lunch,
we headed back out, this time to the southernmost levee where we stayed another 2 1/2 hours, 
leaving about 4:30 for a rainy 4-hour drive home as a thunder storm approached. 
There were a number of folks on the northernmost levee, and we don't know if they found it or not.

A scope is absolutely essential. ESP wouldn't hurt. The hike out is long and hot. 
There is no option, "I'll just run back to the car for a snack or water." 
It's a good haul, so go prepared. And there's virtually no shade except 
for a couple of scattered palm trees. With the hurricane-borne northeast winds, bugs were not a problem...but that was yesterday.

Good luck,
Lucy Duncan
Gulf Breeze, near Pensacola

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