Ft. George Inlet and Nassau Sound - Bird Islands, Duval County: This morning's shorebird survey in two NE Florida inlets produced two rare and unusual sightings. In Ft. George Inlet we surveyed a large flock of foraging Red knots on the outer inlet bar and were surprised with a lone Buff-breasted sandpiper briefly setting down near the knots. It would appear that there is a high number of BBSA in the SE this fall. On the flood tide we briefly surveyed an inner inlet bar and sighted the Long-billed curlew reported by Roger Clark and party yesterday. 

A subsequent survey of Nassau Sound found more Red knots, two new Great Lakes banded Piping plovers and a rare sighting of a juvenile Dunlin. Not only was this our FOS Dunlin but also our first view of a juvenile. Given its size, shape, bill and plumage we suspected juv. Dunlin or Curlew Sandpiper, but a later review of the literature excluded the latter and confirmed the rarely seen juv. Dunlin plumage. (image submitted to host)

As with Dunkerton's report, we also observed the AM Kestrel vanguard passing south down the coast.  

Doris and Patrick Leary, Fernandina Beach, Nassau County

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