Some call it Spudnik, some call it The Cauldron of Hope, I like to
think of it as the Bordeaux de la Caca.  Dr. Wilke has been
nurturing an innoculum we prepared hope that will be used to jump
start the gas production process.  I hope with your help that we
can have the biodigester up and running soon.  I have attached a
spreadsheet with some basic data we have concerning the
biodigester and hope to have a CAD drawing out to you soon.  I
plan on going to the shop this Thursday to work on making sure
'Spudnik' is air-tight, sanding down the hull, and possibly
painting it black for better heat absorption.  I would love to
have some company and you should not hesitate to contact me for
directions or scheduling.  The shop is fully equipped and spare
parts and buckets abound.  The potential for creativity and
additional biodigester fabrication is at our disposal, so come on
by and take advantage.  I plan on being at the shop at 11 am and
will be around for the better part of the afternoon.  I can be
reached on the mobile at 239-218-1168.

Jason, I think water lettuce would be a fine compost and feedstock
for a biodigester.  I have small pickup that we can use for the
wetlands club event this Saturday.  It would be ideal to have some
people along the ride to alleviate some of the transportation
costs.  Lets discuss carpooling before or after tomorrows
presentation at 4 PM at the Reitz Union, room 285.

Fermentatively Yours