I can't come tomorrow, but I can definitely come on



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> Attention all BEST members,
> I hope to go out to the Dairy Research Unit tomorrow
> morning to
> collect some feedstock for our next endeaveor.  I
> believe that the
> invasive, nutrient rich, water lettuce that is
> harvested in Lake
> Alice and abounds all over our local surface waters
> could be used
> as a viable feedstock and or converted into an
> excellent organic
> fertilizer.  We need wood chips to establish an
> optimal carbon to
> nitrogen ratio in this endeavor.  Will anyone be
> available
> tomorrow morning to travel out to the Dairy Research
> Unit to
> collect some feedstock?  Short notice is no good, I
> know.  If
> tomorrow morning is no good thant perhaps Saturday can
> be an
> alternative, just let me know your availability.
> ~Mike
> Environmental Engineering
> B.E.S.T. Biogas Maintanence Coordinator
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> 239-218-1168
> P/S/ James, let me know your contact info regardless.
> You seem to
> have taken an active interest and the group could
> benefit from
> your motivation and knowledge.

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