As a follow up to Brian's announcement about the water lettuce pull at Ichetucknee this weekend, I'd like to solicit folks who might want to volunteer themselves and their pick up trucks for transporting the water lettuce from Ichetucknee Springs back to Gainesville. Getting the very nutrient rich biomass away from the river is very important for improving water quality and ecosystem management at Ichetucknee Springs, and any other usage we can get out of the water lettuce through composting and/or biogas is like icing on the cake.

If you think you might be able to participate, you can either send me an e-mail at this address or give me a call at 466-4549 or 328-1199 (cell).


Jason Evans
Ph.D. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Ecology
School of Natural Resources and the Environment
University of Florida

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Subject: Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology Society Meeting October 11, 4pm, Reitz Union Rm. 285 - Mark Spiller, GRU

        Hello All,

          Hope everyone is making it through mid-terms in good shape and enjoyed the
        Homecoming weekend.  A few updates:

        The website is up and running!   A huge thank you goes to Matt Pellnitz for
        fixing the links!  Now all we need is content.  Three of the previous
        speaker's presentations are now online.  We will be filling out the site
        with additional content, minutes from past meetings, links, and our
        calendar.  Please forward any interesting links or ideas to me for inclusion
        on the site.  The site is at:

        The digester is up and running!  Dr. Wilkie has attached a gas meter to it
        to begin quantifying what we are producing.  A huge congratulation goes to
        Mike Friedlander for the accomplishment so far!  If you wish to work at the
        lab on the digester, please contact Mike directly at: [log in to unmask]

        This coming weekend (Saturday, October 15th) the Wetlands Club will be
        conducting a water lettuce pull at Ichetucknee Springs, if you would like
        (and can afford) to spend a day at the springs and might have the means, we
        could use the water lettuce as a feedstock for the digester.  Imagine,
        rather then pulling the nutrient rich biomass of an invasive exotic from a
        Florida water body and laying it on the bank to decompose and return the
        nutrients back to the water body to contribute to the next biomass bloom, we
        could utilize the biomass as a feedstock!  We might even be able to generate
        enough methane from it to compensate for the fossil fuels required to
        transport the biomass from Ichetucknee to Gainesville.

        Which leads to our speaker this week - Mark Spiller, Strategic Planning for
        Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) has agreed to discuss with us how one
        goes about getting renewable energy on to the grid.  The issue of
        interconnections is key to any renewable energy project, and if you have an
        interest in any form of renewable energy technology I urge you to attend.
        Whether it is a solar panel on your roof generating a few extra kilowatts, a
        few windmills out in the back forty, a modest size dairy farm producing
        excess electricity from methane, or are a large South Florida sugar mill
        generating electricity from the combustion of sugarcane bagass and woody
        biomass to run the sugar mill and for sale at a premium, it is easy to get
        caught up in the technology and be unaware of the finer points related to
        interconnections.  Mark said he would like an open discussion so please
        bring your questions and your friends.  See you there!


        Who:    Mark Spiller, Strategic Planning for Gainesville Regional Utilities

        What:  Renewable Energy and Interconnections to the Grid

        Where: Reitz Union, Room 285

        When:   Tuesday, October 11, 4 pm



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