Good evening people,
Well, with Gainesville not being a direct hit with Wilma, I don't know for sure whether Gainesville will be affected by the tailwinds.  This could be a Charley situation, or it may not.  For those of you living in structures damaged from last year's hurricanes (like me...I have Frances to thank for the gaping hole STILL in my ceiling), you may be evacuating.  For others, you may just ride it out.  The weather people keep pushing back the days of Wilma's true landfall with Florida, but nevertheless, the Ronald McDonald House is still going on at 10:30 this Saturday with the directions as an attachment.  For sure, we have 2 officers coming, Diana and Miral.  If any of you members made a commitment with Neesha, or with anyone else, and promised that you would attend the service event, you can change your minds now.  If you ! feel any threat from Wilma and would like to cancel, please call Diana by 2:00PM Friday (since she will be your ride).  If you do not call her, then we are assuming you still would like to go, and I will not reschedule the event.  From past experience with community service events, I don't want this to be another "officers only" event where 20 members say they'll be there, and only 3 show up.  I will be finalizing the plans with Ronald McDonald House at 3:00PM Friday, so Diana or myself need to know ASAP whether you still want to attend.  Thank you all, and sorry for the short notice!
~~Anje Deocampo  262-5363
~~Diana Lima 514-4079
I will promise in the future never to make these last minute decisions, and I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you 

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