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Dear SNA experts:

I'm new to SNA and am requesting help in finding a 'manual' that provides a step by step approach to 'measuring' the extent of relationships across 2 organizations by first interviewing a select group of individuals in one organizationa and then the other organization.

Specifically, I would like to see how questions on a questionnaire are developed and then tabulated to come up with a 'network' across the 2 organizations, nodes, strength of ties etc.

I'm trying to avoid having to take a 'large, representative sample' within each organization.  I'm aware that I will be 'missing' possible relationships but I have been told by some SNA experts that interviewing select individuals within each organization is acceptable.

Any suggestions on which document to seek to see how a simple questionnaire then leads to a tabulation and a 'network'?

Thank you.

David Wand

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