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> Klovdahl posed the bottleneck strategy for stopping HIV back in 1985.
> It has proven too hard to implement due to the issues Rich raised.  See
> also some of my writings.

sam - i think you are referring to the little example i have used
      for some time to illustrate how structure is something more
than the sum of individual, social relational or personal network

actually, you have to think sociologically here   : - )

what you have been doing - and doing so well - is focussing
precisely on relatively small groups that provided bridges
from those most likely to be infected with hiv to the general

they can be seen as a 'bottleneck', and your work - and the
work of many others - shows that by focussing on these people
one can have a signficant impact on hiv spread.

that said, i don't think anyone would deny the need for multiple

take care, al
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