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actually, i caught up with one of the founders today...personal
curiosity drives me mad, draws me into dialogue with the people
behind these mysterious any rate, the whole goal is quite
harmless, though the founders might consider a sale down the road -
at which point it does raise real concerns...they're pushing 17
million users, counting an average of 40k new members per day, puts
them on par with friendster by end of winter, and beyond
by end of next year...

i'm going to write a much more detailed blog bit recapping my
interview with one of the two founders shortly over at, should be up within two days...

At 12:27 PM 10/26/2005, Valdis wrote:
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>Also... Word-Of-Mouth, a.k.a. "Buzz Marketing" is real hot now... not
>only does this data base provide valid emails, but it reveals who is
>embedded in what network for WOM marketing.
>Take this data base and compare to a data base of doctors and
>BigPharma has what it needs to do their influence network marketing
>of new drugs to prescribing doctors.  Maps like this could be created
>ad infinitum...
>When you enter your data into "thenamesdatabase" they probably pick
>up your IP address, so they know where you are geographically.  If
>you do this at work, they know your employer.  If you do this from
>your favorite internet/WiFi cafe, they know where you hang out...
>building 2-mode networks here!
>Match this data base with "terrorist watch lists" and things get real
>I suspect the goal is to sell this data base to as many parties as
>P.S.  I doubt their 16,000,000+ number...
>On Oct 26, 2005, at 11:49 AM, Valdis wrote:
>>What a great way for spammers to collect valid email addresses...
>>On Oct 26, 2005, at 10:26 AM, David Carpe wrote:
>>>stumbled onto this via a request to join - this firm collects
>>>information on people for 'networking purposes' but without any real
>>>user/member services beyond offering email contacts that are
>>>validated...each joining member must provide 4 unique email referrals
>>>to enter the site as well. already at 16 million users in a matter of
>>>months...speaks loads to the power of networks, but for what?
>>>any thoughts on what one might realistically do with a dbase of this
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