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My name is Ieisha Jones and I am the Human Resources Assistant at Vera
Institute of Justice. We are recruiting for a Research Director and would
like to post our job advertisement on your list serve. Below is the job
posting which includes all necessary information including contact

Thank you,

Ieisha Jones

Position Description





The Vera Institute of Justice seeks an experienced senior researcher to
serve as the Acting Director of Research. Working with the Institute's
Director, Michael Jacobson, and senior research staff, this position is
responsible for the management of the Vera Institute's social science
researchers.  The Acting Director will also have the administrative support
to engage in an active research program. The position is anticipated to last
a minimum of 15 months, after which the Acting Director will have the
opportunity to expand his or her research agenda.

The job calls for a strong grasp of a wide variety of social science
research methods, a vision for the role of rigorous research in the
practical reform of public institutions, an ability to guide and supervise
the work of senior colleagues as well as junior staff, the organizational
discipline to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and an enjoyment of
collaboration with practitioners, government officials, and institutional
colleagues trained in fields other than research.

The Research Department has an annual budget of over $2 million, mainly in
grants and contracts from the U.S. Department of Justice, the City and State
of New York, and various local and national foundations, Vera researchers
conduct studies that seek to make a concrete difference in government
decision-making. The current research director is on assignment to a large
project in his area of expertise.

The Role of the Acting Director

With support from the Institute's Director and senior research staff, the
Acting Director will have responsibility in three broad areas.  First, the
Acting Director will manage the department and its relationships with
funders and government partners. Second, the Acting Director will serve as
one of the Institute's senior managers, representing the research department
within the Institute's leadership and working with Vera's director and other
department heads to shape the Institute's priorities and major initiatives.
Third, the Acting Director will play a prominent role in the wider research
community, developing  a specific research agenda and actively seek the
funds to support it.  The Acting Director will work with other Vera staff to
determine funding strategies for interdepartmental projects as well.

While the demands of these three aspects of the role will vary throughout
each year, the overall management of the department and its relationships
should occupy at least half of the time of the research director.  This
includes supervising, coaching, and evaluating the senior staff, as well as
designing departmental systems to ensure the quality and timeliness of
Vera's research products. It includes guiding the recruitment and training
of research staff, although the administrative director and senior
researchers also participate in both recruitment and training. It includes
maintaining formal and informal communication with government officials and
funders engaged with Vera's research. Finally, it includes supervising the
administrative director in the management of the department's budgets,
public events, and daily operation and allocation of staff resources. The
Acting Director will also participate in Vera's ongoing strategic planning

The Acting Director is also expected to assist senior research staff in the
development of new proposals. Senior research associates work
collaboratively with each other and with colleagues in other Vera
departments on the routine production of new grant proposals. The Acting
Director will review new proposals in keeping with the strategic focus of
the organization.


Candidates should have a deep, substantive knowledge of at least one subject
area in which the Vera Institute conducts its work, demonstrated by a record
of scholarship.  Equally important, candidates should be eager to engage
intellectually with the range of subjects of Vera's work and with the role
of research in the practical reform of public institutions.  A doctoral
degree in a relevant area is highly valuable, and candidates should show
evidence of broad methodological training, immersion in academic literature,
and mastery of a relevant discipline.

Candidates should have demonstrated interest and skill in the leadership,
management, and organization of social science research groups, whether
within a university, a government agency, or an independent institution.
Candidates should also demonstrate a comfortable fit with Vera's
non-partisan  and respectful collaborations with public officials and
government partners.

An ideal candidate will also bring the following professional experience and
personal qualities to the role:

*        Excellent writing skills and an ability to adapt material for
scientific, policy, and general audiences

*        Experience managing research staff and institutional budgets

*        A record of success winning and fulfilling significant government
and philanthropic research grants and contracts

*        An ability to sustain a diverse, stimulating, and respectful

*         A spirit of experimentation and creativity, flexibility, energy,
self-reliance, and a sense of humor

*        Strong public speaking skills before both expert and general
audiences, large and small

Salary commensurate with skills and experience.

Send resumes to Hester Lyons, Vera Institute of Justice, 233 Broadway, 12th
Floor, 10279.  Fax: 212 941-9407.  Email:  The Vera
Institute of Justice is values diversity and is an equal opportunity

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