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Hello all,

I have just posted to my blog some initial thoughts about the
relationship between common perceptions of time and social networks. I
would appreciate comments, reactions, suggestions and criticism.

The full article can be seen at, below are
my first few paragraphs to summarize my thoughts.

"Recently I have begun to explore a thesis about the relationship
between the perception of time (more on this follows) and social
networks/social identity. Here is the rough outline of my ideas and some
thoughts of how to further explore these ideas. I am seeking comment,
feedback, examples, and suggestions about how to refine these ideas and
how to test them.

Thesis: Our temporal framework defines not just the events we attend,
watch, pay attention to and prepare for, but serve to frame and define
our role within social networks

Implications: Assuming this these is true, it should be possible to
construct and map unknown social networks through capturing how the
individual actors perceive time, those individuals paying attention to
the same events (perhaps in the same manner) could be mapped as being
part of the same social networks. For example, within the individuals
working for the same company, those individuals working towards the same
client deadlines could be mapped as being part of one specific
client/practice organized social network. Likewise, extending the data
beyond just corporate events, those individuals who are following the
same sporting events could be mapped into distinct and likely different
social networks (NASCAR followers vs. Baseball Fans vs. American
Football fans vs. Cricket followers vs. Soccer/Football fans etc. )..."

I will be posting further on this idea but as well I hope to build a
simple web application to start to capture data and test some of these
implications, I would be very interested in hearing from anyone
interested in collaborating on that work. The first of these
applications would allow individuals to "tag" time in a variety of ways
and then map those individuals into a variety of social networks.



Shannon Clark
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"Connecting Networks"
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