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I taught an undergraduate class in Family Communication where the
students had to do a Family SNA as their final project.  They had to
map out family/friends/school/work ties and the intersections amongst
all alters.  They were all hand drawn... about 50% of the students
used a concentric circle structure, the rest had an "emergent"
design.  The student was ego.

If Bart Simpson had been my student he might have turned in something
like this...



On Oct 18, 2005, at 3:36 PM, Chris McCarty wrote:

> I'm working on an article comparing personal network visualization to
> respondent's drawing of their personal network.  Is anyone aware of
> existing articles where respondents were asked to draw a map of their
> personal network? I'm aware of Antonucci's work using an instrument
> based on concentric circles.  I'm wondering if anyone has done
> anything
> more free-style than that where a respondent might have a circle
> representing their family, and another their work and so on.

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