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I would be grateful if someone could give me a shortcut or two to some
connection points between ecological theories and networks.   Is there a
subnetwork of biologists or ecological economists out there who are doing
things that link current network analysis to theories of
places/spaces/ecological systems?   I am having a difficult time finding
connections between these two hot areas in any literature.   Seems obvious
enough to make such a connection, so I must not be searching the right way.

Questions that might fit the sort of thing I am looking for...

Can ecologies be defined by the extent of certain network types?  For example,
is the definition of a region the extent of its leadership network?
Do predator networks with prey define the carrying capacity of a given
Are there theories of biologically sustainable spaces (of whatever sort) and
network size/structure?
What are the influences of borders/boundaries on networks--I have seen the
national information leakage work--are there other efforts here?
Is anyone working on links between adaptive management and networks?

It seems most network work is about growth and expansion rather than
boundaries, constraints, etc.  I cannot figure out why that is.

Thanks for any thoughts,

Ryan Lanham
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