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OK I am guilty of poor netiquette in advertising my

I have a goal to get 10,000 new visitors by Jan 01/06.

At the time I had only 6,000.  With just 2 months to
my deadline I had to do something to drive the traffic
quickly.  So I posted a message to some mail lists!

SE optimization brings steady flow of surfers but I
needed a huge boost fast!

I reasoned that 100 % of all mail list members use a
computer connected to Internet Services and therefore
would benefit from the information contained on my

I regret such action because now my web page has been
disconnected from the Net!

Several hundreds of people use my website habitually!
It is a free public service designed to DO GOOD!

I feel my site should remain connected.  There is
information directly on my site not available

I realize my actions have upset some people at the
letterpress and db2 lists.  I did not intend to cause
upset!  I apologise!

And if I upset other mail list members then please
forgive me!

Chris, Tel 416 398 DRPC
71 Sentinel Rd
Toronto, ON, M3J 1T1
[log in to unmask], Tel 416 398 DRPC
71 Sentinel Rd
Toronto, ON, M3J 1T1
[log in to unmask]

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