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> Hoping you're able to recommend several good pieces,

Hi Michael –
maybe you want to take a look at any of the following works; most notable the
first book edited by Thom and Doug,
Best regards,


Schweizer, T. and D. R. White (1998). Kinship, networks, and exchange.
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Bollig, M. (2000). "Staging social structures: ritual and social organisation in
an egalitarian society. The pastoral Pokot of northern Kenya." Ethnos 65(3):

Schnegg, M. (2005). Das Fiesta Netzwerk: Soziale Organisation in einer
mexikanischen Gemeinde, 1679-2001. Münster, Lit.

Ziker, J. and M. Schnegg (2005). "Food sharing at meals: kinship, reciprocity,
and clustering in the Taimyr autonomous okrug, northern Russia." Human nature
16(2), 178-211.

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