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> I googled and found this paper by Ulrik Brandes on a faster method to
> calculate betweeness centrality.
>   I'm
> programming in Mathematica, and I entered and re-entered the algorithm
> multiple times, but the values produced are (very) slightly off from the
> betweeness values produced by the algorithm using conventional matrix
> multiplication and pair summations. Has anyone played aroudn with this
> thing and got it work?

  The betweeness procedure in Pajek is based on Brandes algorithm.
  A simpler, but slower algorithm for smaller networks was published in

   Batagelj V.:  Semirings for Social Networks Analysis.
   Journal of Mathematical Sociology,  19(1994)1, 53-68.

  see preprint version at

  I put an old (1991-1993) implementation of this algorithm (combined
  with some other centrality measures) in pascal at

Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, Department of Mathematics
  Jadranska 19, PO Box 2964, 1111 Ljubljana,  Slovenia

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