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On 9/20/05, Edward Vielmetti <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I'm looking for some useful principles and theory
> here, and any references anyone happens to
> have that would be good.
> There's a schoolteacher from New Orleans who
> has relocated to Ann Arbor who I met for coffee
> today. She'd like to get reunited with her students
> and fellow teachers, who have scattered to the four
> winds. At the moment she knows where about 40
> folks are out of a school of 1400.

A quick update on our "Warren Easton in Exile"
project to reunite kids scattered by Hurricane Katrina.

Starting from the core of 40 people, we have now
located about 200 students and faculty from the
high school. This all through a very simple and
rudimentary weblog (about 10 minutes work to set
up and about
10 minutes to get the school colors right) plus the
hard work of Jennifer Rious who knows the kids
and has been sorting through the messages to
keep a list up to date.

The weblog served its purpose well of having a Google
search for
Warren Easton
show up very high to a blog posting I made that describes
the project and links to the site. Add to that the student
to student network of kids knowing where some of their
friends are and sharing that information.

It looks like the next step is to add another communications
channel for people who have been currently using the
blog comments (72 so far on one page) as a kind of a
chat board. I think we'll get some simple web-based
bulletin board system and let people start making
their own connections and telling their own stories.

Ultimately? I don't know that there's an ultimately
quite yet. The school took a lot of damage, and
it will take a lot of work to get it into shape to reopen it
if that happens at all. Many students will not move
back to town because their parents will have jobs
elsewhere. I'm hoping there will be enough structure
to sustain a community of sorts, and to help out
with the continuing stream of people finding questions
that still come in.



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