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In connection with the launch of my new book about online networks, "The
Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online", I am
chairing a social software conference this Dec. 1-2, 2005, in Jersey
City (right across from Manhattan).  


Although the conference is focused on businesspeople, it should interest
many SOCNET participants.  Among the presenters are the CEOs or senior
executives from Buzzmetrics, Mediabistro,, Contact Network
Corp., SelectMinds, Feedster, Intelliseek, IBM, and Corante, with more
to come.  These are all companies involved in analyzing, leveraging, and
reading online social networks.  


Academics are eligible for a complimentary evaluation copy of the book.
Just visit
<>  and click the
button, "Request an evaluation copy".  


Here's the press release.  I hope to see you there!  




Beyond Blogs and Social Networks: How Consumer Generated Media and the
Virtual Handshake will Make or Break Your Business



September 1, 2005 --- The Strategic Research Institute is launching its
first major social software conference this December 1-2, 2005, in
Jersey City: "Beyond Blogs and Social Networks: How Consumer Generated
Media and The Virtual Handshake will Make or Break Your Business."  For
more information on the book and the conference, see .   


The conference centers on the emerging importance of online networks.
Considering that 84% of U.S. Internet users have used the Internet to
contact or get information from an online group-more than went online to
read news, search for health information, or even shop- those who rely
solely on phone-calls and face-to-face meetings will be left far behind
in years to come. New "social software" technologies--blogs, online
networks, relationship capital management software, virtual communities,
etc.-are making online communication faster and more effective. 


A group of industry leaders and nationally recognized bloggers will
present on how to better leverage "social software" as a cutting-edge
business tool. For example, instead of conducting focus groups or other
potentially time-consuming research, blogs allow executives to monitor
consumer feedback and reactions to nearly anything-in real time. 


Some topics to be discussed at the conference include: 

+  Increasing market share by reaching customers where they 

+  Creating cost savings by distributing information faster and more 

+  Insuring your corporate privacy and safety: how to be public but not

+ Increasing revenues by equipping your sales team with tools to open
more doors and close more



- Dan Burstein, Founder and Managing Member, Millennium Technology
Ventures; co-author, BLOG! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing
Politics, Business and Culture

- Steve Rubel, Vice President, Client Services, Cooperkatz

- Jonathan Carson, President & CEO, Buzzmetrics; Co-Founder, Word of
Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)

- Laurel Touby, CEO, MediaBistro

- Craig Calle, CEO,

- Geoff Hyatt, CEO, Contact Network Corp.

- Anne Berkowitch, CEO, SelectMinds

- Scott Rafer, CEO, Feedster

- Pete Blackshaw, Chief Marketing and Customer Satisfaction Officer,

- Alex Williams, Managing Director of Events, Corante 

- Erin Byrne, Managing Director, Marsteller 



- David Teten, CEO, Nitron Advisors ( www.
<> ); Co-Author, The
Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online ( www.
<> )




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