Two New Titles in Psychoanalysis
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*A Curious Intimacy: Art and Neuro-psychoanalysis, by Lois Oppenheim*

A Curious Intimacy, by Lois Oppenheim
can neuroscience contribute to the psychodynamic understanding of
creativity and the imagination?*

/A Curious Intimacy/ is an innovative study into the interrelation
between art and neuro-psychoanalysis which significantly narrows the
divide between the humanities and the sciences.

Situating our grasp of the creative mind within the historical context
of theories of sublimation, Lois Oppenheim proposes a change in paradigm
for the study of the creative process, questioning the idea that
creativity serves, above all, the reparation of early object
relationships and the resolution of conflict.

/A Curious Intimacy/ will have great appeal for all those interested in
the study of imagination and creativity. It will also be of particular
interest to students across the humanities and sciences and to
psychotherapists and psychoanalysts wanting to explore the contribution
that neuro-psychoanalysis can make to our understanding of the creative

*Hardback:* ISBN 1-58391-806-X / September 2005 / 29.95

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*This Art of Psychoanalysis, by Thomas H. Ogden*

This Art of Psychoanalysis, by Thomas H Ogden
is dreaming the mind's single most important psychoanalytic activity?*

/This Art of Psychoanalysis/ offers a unique perspective on
psychoanalysis that features a new way of conceptualizing the role of
dreaming in human psychology.

Thomas Ogden's thinking has been at the cutting edge of psychoanalysis
for more than 25 years. In this volume, he builds on the work of Freud,
Klein, Winnicott, and Bion and explores the idea that human
psychopathology is a manifestation of a breakdown of the individual's
capacity to dream his experience. The investigation into the role of the
analyst in participating psychologically in the patient's dreaming is
illustrated throughout with elegant and absorbing accounts of clinical
work, providing a fascinating insight into the analyst's experience.

This engaging book succeeds in conveying not just a set of techniques
but a way of being with patients that is humane and compassionate. It
will be of great interest to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and other
mental health professionals.

*Hardback:* ISBN 0-41537-288-7 / September 2005 / 50.00
*Paperback:* ISBN 0-41537-289-5 / September 2005 / 18.99

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