If BESTadopts Greenpeace philosophy and tactices, count me out. 
Terrorism is not environmentalism.


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Note regular deadline is Friday, November 11th.

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Subject: Greenpeace Semester
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Dear Professor Wilkie,

I am writing to ask for your help in spreading the word about the
Greenpeace Organizing Term (GOT), a leadership development program for
undergraduate students.

Through the GOT, students receive over 50 skills trainings on topics
ranging from how to plan campaigns to working with the media, meet with
the nation's top environmental leaders, and acquire hands-on experience
working on a priority Greenpeace campaign.  Since the program began one
year ago, we have trained twenty student activists. These students have
played active roles in key environmental campaigns, bringing about
campus clean energy victories and working to protect the last remaining
ancient forests in North America.
You can find more information at

The best way you can help is by forwarding the email below to your
classes or interested students.

We also would like to invite you to become a member of our referral
network. As a member of the referral network, you will receive a mailing
from Greenpeace twice a year asking you to post fliers, make
announcements in your classes or recommend freshmen and sophomore
students you think would be great for the program.

Please let me know if you can email the announcement below or if you
would like to join the referral network. We are excited to have you


Amy Faulring
Organizing Term Coordinator
Greenpeace USA


Dear Student,

I am writing to invite you to apply for the Greenpeace Organizing Term,
a semester of ACTION, TRAINING, and TRAVEL.

You can learn more and apply at

The Greenpeace Organizing Term (GOT) is an action-filled semester and
the best hands-on training for you to become an environmental leader.
You'll be making an investment in your leadership skills and get
trainings in grassroots organizing, media, direct action, and campaign
strategy. You'll travel abroad with Greenpeace and join a team of
incredible activists working to protect the planet.

The early application deadline is Friday, October 7th.  To learn more
and to apply, visit

For more information, contact me at 202-319-2436 or [log in to unmask]

For a green and peaceful future,

Amy Faulring
Organizing Term Coordinator
Greenpeace USA
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