The program for this year's GSA looks very impressive.  I wish you and Kate
the very best.  Please share with Kate and any others our discussions of a
possible journal dealing with older men's issues as well as the possibility
of developing a book series for MSP.  Please feel free to tell anyone
interested to contact me.

For those who may ask if you know of any journal venue for their research,
please share the Journal of Men's Studies (contact me) or the International
Jour of Men's Health (Miles Groth, editor at [log in to unmask]).

I'll drop you a note after Thanksgiving to find out how the conference went.

Travel safely.

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Subject: GSA and Interest Group

> Hi everyone,
> Kate Davidson and I want to welcome everyone who is attending the GSA
annual meeting, which begins this coming weekend.  We have a good number of
sessions examining different aspects of men's lives.  Below is an listing of
some of the session; we were also able to get this info to the GSA staff in
time for them to include the four-page summary in everyone's the
registration packet.
> I encourage you to try to make the Interest Group meeting Saturday
evening -- 5:30 to 7:00 pm in Grand Ballroom IV.  We will have a wine &
cheese reception before the "business meeting."
> See you soon,
> Ed
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> Professor and Chair
> Department of Sociology & Anthropology
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> A number of poster, symposium, and paper presentations at the 2005 GSA
conference examine the lives of elderly men.  This list is not all-inclusive
but it can provide conference participants interested in gender and
especially the social worlds of old men a listing of many of this year's
> The Men's Issues Interest Group business meeting and reception on will
take place on Saturday, November 19, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in Grand Ballroom
IV.  You are cordially invited.
> SATURDAY, November 19
> 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
> Poster Session,   Crystal Ballroom H
>    *(1030) Characterizing Single Muscle Fiber Elastic Properties in Young
and Older Men, Julien Ochala, Walter R. Frontera, &
> Lisa S. Krivickas
>    *(1032) Gender Differences with Heart Failure Patients Poster, Karen A.
>    *(1323) The Use of Brachytherapy for the Treatment of Clinically
Localized Prostate Cancer in Older Aged Men, Willie Underwood, Laurel A.
Copeland, Mohamed Elshaikh, Louis A. Penner, & James S.  Jackson
>    *(1696) Gender, Supportive Relationships, and Depressive Symptomsí An
Examiniation of Chinese Older Adults' Psychological Well-Being, Na Zhao, &
Janet M. Wilmoth
>    *(1786 ) Age, Gender, and Race Differences and Changes in Functional
Health of Older Adults, Grace D. da Rosa, Peter  Martin, Leonard W. Poon, &
Mary A. Johnson
> Grandparent Caregiving Studies (Paper Session),   Aruba/Bahamas
>    *(1909) African American Grandfathers: A Study of Their Stress as
Kinship Caregivers to Their Grandchildren, Olga Osby
> 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
> Poster Session,   Crystal Ballroom H
>    *(1408) The Role of Mutuality and Gender in Predicting 10-Year Change
in Strain for Parkinson's Disease (PD) Spouse Caregivers, Karen S. Lyons,
Patricia G. Archbold, Julie H. Carter , & Barbara J. Stewart
> 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
> Life Course and Developmental Changes (within Symposium),  Grand Ballroom
>     *(1079) Sexual Behavior in Later Life, John DeLamater & Sara M.
>     *(1489) The Effects of Spouse's Death Contexts on the Physical
Limitation of Widowed Persons: A Longitudinal Study, Min-Ah Lee
> Cancer: Psychosocial and Research Issues (Paper Session),   Grand Ballroom
>     *(1093) Enhancing Retention Among Older African American Men Enrolled
in a Longitudinal Cancer Screening Trial,
> Marvella E. Ford, Suzanne L. Havstad, Sally W. Vernon, G. Marie Swanson, &
Shawna D. Davis
> A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: Observation Studies in Gerontological
Research (within Symposium), Crystal Ballroom J2-M
>     *Gender Differences in Dominance Behavior During Parent-Offspring
Interactions, Kelly E. Cichy, Eva S. Lefkowitz, Karen L. Fingerman, & Amanda
> Poster Session,   Crystal Ballroom H
>      *(1111) Community Service Use Attitudes of Older Spousal
Caregiver-Care Recipient Couples: Gender Differences and Dyadic Congruence,
Bradley Zodikoff
>     *(1650) The Use of Lateral Social Comparisons as a Defense Against
Age-Related Worry Among Older Men and Women,  Steven J. Kohn & Gregory C.
> Technological Innovations and Their Effects (Paper Session),   Sawgrass
>     *(1421) Older People's Attitudes Towards Life Prolonging Medical
Technologies: Implications of Gender Differences, Sara L  Arber, Tom  Daly,
Tushna  Vandrevala, & Sarah  Hampson
> **   5:30 PM * 7:00 PM   Men's Issues Interest Group Meeting & Reception,
Grand Salon 16
> SUNDAY, November 20
> 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
> Poster Session,   Crystal Ballroom H
>     *(1104) Gender Specific Differences in Caregiving Experience among
South Asian Immigrants, Rashmi Gupta
>     *(1226) Racial and Gender Variations in the Content and Appraisal of
Future Selves Following a Mid-life Terminal Diagnosis, Beverly R. Williams
>     *(1237) Attitudes About Gender Roles and Expectations of Caregiving
Among U.S. Born and Japan Born Japanese Males, Pamela S. Arnsberger & Seiko
>     *(1466) Being Close: What Does This Mean For Adults And Their Parents?
Brooke N. Baker, Karen L. Fingerman, & Eva S. Lefkowitz
>     *(1587) The Help Seeking Behavior of Older Men from Ethnic/Racial
Minority Groups: Implications for Service Provision, Maggie K Tang, Jordan
I. Kosberg, Fei Sun, & Juanita L. Garcia
>     *(1964) Changing Gender Roles and Intergenerational Ties: New Data
from Norway, Katharina Herlofson & Britt Slagsvold
> 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
> (3021) Faith Matters, Sense of Control, and Well-being of Older Persons:
An Interdisciplinary Inquiry II (within Symposium),   Grand Ballroom IV
>      *AIDS Caregiving and Resilience: The Role of Spirituality as a
Protective Factor, Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen
> (3067) Cancer and Aging Informal IG: Emotional and Cognitive Factors in
Prostate Cancer: Screening, Treatment, and Survivorship Issues (Symposium),
Grand Ballroom III
>     *Fear, Knowledge, and Efficacy Beliefs Interact to Predict DRE and PSA
Screening In Ethnically Diverse Samples of Older Men, Brenda Adjei, Nathan
S. Consedine, David Horton, Tracey Ungar, Andrew Joe, Paul Ramirez, & Luisa
M. Borrell
> (3135) Vascular Disease and Cognition: Multidisciplinary Approaches
(within Symposium),  Grand Ballroom XI/XII
>      *Modeling the Cognitive Effects of Vascular Disease Risk in the
Normative Aging Study, Christopher B. Brady & Avron Spiro, III
> (3175) Gender, Aging, & Diversity 2: Men, Women & Marital Status
(Symposium),   Grand Ballroom XIII/XIV
>      *Reconsidering Gender and Marital Status in Later Life: Inequalities
in Material and Social Resources, Sara Arber
>      *The Longitudinal Impact of Divorce on Psychological Well-Being in
Older Men, Kate M. Bennett
>      *Marital Transitions, Marital Histories and Health Among Middle Age
and Old Men, Adam Shapiro
>      *Single Life Paths in a Coupled World: Gender, Lifelong Singlehood,
and Social Stigma, Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, S. Bluck, & G. Pendell
> (3255) New Challenges of Aging in the 21st Century: Recent Evidence from
the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, 1957-2005 (within Symposium),   Grand
Ballroom II
>      *What's Love Got to Do With It? Cross-Spouse SES Effects on Health,
Kristen W. Springer
> 1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
> (3180) Queer Aging: A Meta-Analysis of Literature Relating to Gay,
Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Aging (Symposium),  Marco Island *
Kathleen M. Sullivan & Margaret B. Neal
> (3222) Gender, Aging, & Diversity 1: Relationships, Care, & Health Issues
(Symposium),   Crystal Ballroom J1
>     *Taking 'Women's Work' Like a Man: Husbands Experiences of Care Work,
Toni Calasanti, M. E. Bowen, & Neal King
>     *Old Lesbians and Gays: Inhabiting Ageing Bodies, Katherine F. Slevin
>     *Friendship Meanings and Function in the Lives of Older Gay Men and
Lesbians, Brian de Vries
>     *Aging Gay Men and Prostate Cancer: Invisible Diversity, Thomas O.
> 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
> (3122) Men Who Are Not Fathers: Who Are They and How Might They Age?
(Symposium),   Grand Ballroom IV
>      *Men Who Have No Children: Decision or Default? Britt Slagsvold &
Gunhild O. Hagestad
>      *Grumpy Old Men? Are Childless Men Low in Generativity? Regina L.
Logan, Pearl A. Dykstra, Gunhild O. Hagestad, &
> Peter R.  Uhlenberg
>      *How Does Childlessness Matter for Men? Pearl A. Dykstra, & Renske
>      *Fatherhood and Men's Lives at Middle Age, David J. Eggebeen
> Poster Session,   Crystal Ballroom H
>      *(1015) Gender, Marriage, and Pension Income: Evidence from Wave 6 of
HRS, Stanley P. DeViney & Jennifer C.  Solomon
>      *(1140) Gender Disparities in Factors Related to Alcohol Consumption
among the Elderly, Yeong H. Yeo
>      *(1375) Older Men Behind Bars: Exploring the Health Issues of This
Vulnerable Population, Susan Loeb & Darrell Steffensmeier
>      *(1680) A Comparison of the Health Status of Women and Men
Caregivers, Michel Bedard, Joy Creese, Kevin Brazil, Lori Chambers, Julie
Riendeau, & Bruce Weaver
> MONDAY, November 21
> 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
> Health Promotion and Bone Health (Paper Session),   Crystal Ballroom A/B
>     *(1191) Osteoporosis Health Beliefs among Younger and Older Men and
Women, Shanthi Johnson, William McLeod, Laura Kennedy, & Katherine McLeod
> Poster Session,   Crystal Ballroom H
>     *(1782) The Pathways Among Stress, Coping, Affect, and the Metabolic
Syndrome Differ between Men With and Without a History of Cardiovascular
Disease, Loriena A. Yancura, Carolyn M. Aldwin, & Avron Spiro, III
>     *(1873) The Intersection of Ageism and Looksism Among Gay Men, Steven
David & Bob G. Knight
> The Relationship of Body Mass to Disparate Trajectories of Total Wealth
Among Retirement-Aged Men and Women, Stephanie J. Fonda, Nancy H. Fultz, &
Kristi R. Jenkins
> 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
> Differential Attitudes about Aging (Paper Session),   Grand Ballroom VI
>     *(1437) Gender Differences in Perceptions of Midlife and Midlife
Crisis, Elaine Wethington
> Employment and Older Workers (Paper Session),   Grand Ballroom II
>     *(1980) Paid Work as a Contributor to Mental Health in the
Pre-Retirement Years, Barbara McIntosh & Nicholas L. Danigelis
>     * (2371) Intersections of Age and Masculinities in the Information
Technology Industry, Duerden Comeau & Candace L. Kemp
> 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
> Poster Session,   Crystal Ballroom H
>     *(1021) Gender Differences in the Relationship between Self-Rated
Health and 6-Year Mortality among Elderly Persons in Japan, Kazushi Okamoto,
Yuko Tanaka, & Yoshiko Hasebe
>     *(1895) The Effects Of The Transition To Widowhood On Mental And
Physical Well-Being: A Prospective U.S. National Study, Yan Tong & Nadine F.
> (3011) Putting Social Security's Latest Crises into Historical Perspective
(within Symposium),    Grand Ballroom III
>     *Gender Issues and Social Security Reform, W. Andrew Achenbaum, John
Rother, & Karen Holden
> Exercise and Nutrition in Health Promotion (Paper Session),    Grand
Ballroom V
>      * (1930) Older People and Food: The Impact of Gender and Living
Arrangements on Food Consumption Across European Societies, Sara L Arber,
Helen Marshall, Robert Meadows, Monique Raats, Margaret Lumbers, & Kate
> 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM
> The Heterogeneity of Families (Paper Session),  Grand Ballroom XI/XII
>     *Surviving Divorce Without Mom: The Effect of Mother-Son Ties on Men's
Well-Being Following Divorce, Michael W. Steinhour, J. Jill Suitor, Sue
Ellen Bovard-Kentner, Krista M. C. Cline, & Tariqah A. Nuriddin
>     *Older Gay Men's Perspectives on Marriage and Family: A Life Course
Perspective On Traditional And Alternative Family Systems, Anna Muraco,
Stephen T. Russell, & Allen J. LeBlanc
> Poster Session,    Crystal Ballroom H
>     *(2472) The Impact of Gender and Life Stress on Older Adults'
Reactivity to Negative Social Exchanges, Kristin J. August, Laura A. Zettel,
Karen S. Rook, & Jason T. Newsom
>     *(2022) The Influence of Interpersonal Resources on the Adaptation and
Personal Growth of Older Men and Women Religious Living in Monastic
Communities, Alex J. Bishop
>     *(2033) Factors Affecting Changes in Social Engagement Among
Community-Dwelling Older Men and Women, Peter A. Bath & Alison Gardiner
>     *(2560) Gender and the Social Construction of Aging: How the Red Hat
Society Enhances Social Networks, Rilyn Gipson
> Diverse Social Support Needs (Paper Session),  Grand Ballroom III
>     *(1076) Emotional Support for Men and Women With Cancer: Do Patients
Receive What Their Partners Provide? Ralf Schwarzer
>     *(2219) Unmarried Without Children: Instrumental Support to Widowed
and Childless Men and Women in Later Life, Echo Chang & Merril Silverstein
> 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
> (3114) Elderly Men and Resiliency (Symposium),  Harbor Beach
>     *Couldn't Boil Water?: Myths and Realities about Older Men's Culinary
Skills, Kate Davidson, Helen Marshall, & Sara Arber
>     *Dancing with Dementia: Men Caregivers Coping with Dementia Care,
Richard L. Russell
>     *Analyzing Alvin: The Challenges of Determining Resilience in Older,
Dorothy C. Stratton & Alinde J. Moore
>     *Social Integration and Marshalling Support: Strategies of Coping with
Stress among Men Living in Retirement Communities, Eva Kahana, Jane Brown,
Rebecca Meehan, Boaz Kahana, Jessica Kelly-Moore, & Judith Harris
> Poster Session,  Crystal Ballroom H
>     *(1811) Gender and Race Differences among Custodial Grandparent Dyads,
Gregory C. Smith
> Dual Issues in Retirement (Paper Session),  Grand Ballroom III
>     *(1502) The Role of Occupational Status in Retirement Planning by
Gender, Angela L. Curl & Jerry G. Ingram
>     *(2197) Retirement Adjustment and Well-Being in Couples: A Dyadic
Crossover Model, Julie Howard
>     *(2350) Marital Status Differences in the Risk of Retirement for Men
and Women, David Warner
> Spirituality and Religion (Paper Session),  Grand Ballroom IX/X
>     *(1717) Coping with the Long-Term Effects of Combat Trauma:
Forgiveness and Spirituality in Vietnam Era Veteran Twins, Michael J. Lyons,
John C. Simpson, Ming T. Tsuang, & Beth Jerskey
> Family Caregiving (Paper Session),  Grand Ballroom  XIII/XIV
>     *(2443) Sibling Structure, Gender, and Caregiving in Japan, Kristen S.
> TUESDAY, November 22
> 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
> Poster Session,  Crystal Ballroom H
>     *(2558) Health and Aging in Popular Magazines: Gender Differences,
Susan G. Harris, Jaime L. K. Anstee, Keri D. Pruitt, &
> Judith A. Sugar
>     *(2634) Gender Difference in Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Use Among Older Individuals, Catherine P. Montalto, Vibha Bhargava, &
Gong-Soog Hong