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To the person who asked about network studies of knowledge workers, our
NetLab has been involved in a few. They are available on my website in
draft form, altho I give the refs here to published workers.

Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman. "Hyperconnected Net Work:
Computer-Mediated Community in a High-Tech Organization." Pp. 281-333 in
The Firm as a Collaborative Community: Reconstructing Trust in the
Knowledge Economy, edited by Charles Heckscher and Paul Adler. New York:
Oxford University Press, 2005. Out in early December.

        See also Anabel's dissertation at Univ of Toronto.

Emmanuel Koku, Nancy Nazer and Barry Wellman. "Netting Scholars: Online
and Offline." American Behavioral Scientist, 44, 10 (June, 2001): 1750-72.

Howard White, Barry Wellman and Nancy Nazer. 2004. "Does Citation Reflect
Social Structure: Longitudinal Evidence from the `Globenet'
Interdisciplinary Research Group." Journal of the American Society for
Information Science and Technology, 55, 2: 111-26.

Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman. 2004. "Local Virtuality in a
High-Tech Networked Organization." Anaylse & Kritik 26 (special issue 1):
241-57. [To be reprinted in Trust and Community on the Internet, edited by
Bernd Lahno and Uwe Matzat. Berlin: Springer, forthcoming.]

Barry Wellman, Emmanuel Koku and Jeremy Hunsinger, "Networked
Scholarship." Pp. 1399-1417 in International Handbook of Virtual Learning
Environments., edited by Joel Weiss, Jason Nolan and Jeremy Hunsinger.
Amsterdam: Springer, 2005. [Not out yet.]

Emmanuel Koku and Barry Wellman, "Scholarly Networks as Learning
Communities: The Case of TechNet." Pp. 299-337 in Designing for Virtual
Communities in the Service of Learning, edited by Sasha Barab, Rob Kling,
and James H. Gray. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.

        See also Nancy Nazer and Emmanuel Koku's U of Toronto

Caroline Haythornthwaite, Barry Wellman and Marilyn Mantei, "Work
Relationships and Media Use: A Social Network Analysis." Group Decision
and Negotiation 4,3 (May, 1995): 193-211. Special issue on "Distributed

Caroline Haythornthwaite and Barry Wellman, "Work, Friendship and Media
Use for Information Exchange in a Networked Organization." Journal of the
American Society for Information Science 49, 12 (Oct., 1998): 1101-1114.

        See also Caroline Haythornthwaite and Alesica Zuccala's
U of Toronto dissertations,


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