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I'm a doctoral student still learning SNA, so please bear with me.

I've used Richard Rogers' Issue Crawler software ( |  to evaluate interlinking among Web
sites focused on two key sections of the USA Patriot Act. Issue
Crawler determined that issue networks do indeed exist among the Web
site actors.

Can someone guide me about statistical tests well suited for use with
Issue Crawler output? Probably my main interest is evaluating
differences of network centrality among subsets by Internet domain of
Web sites in the network. Issue Crawler's output includes an actor
list of core network and core with periphery, and a raw data format
file, in addition to the circle and cluster maps that the software

I also have the Web sites categorized by their ranking (high, medium,
low) in Google returns and have other categorical variables such as
depth of information that each offers. A parallel dimension of the
study is using frame analysis to probe what's being said, by whom,

Thanks for any pointers or suggestions. I could use the help.

Margot Pantalone


Margot Emery Pantalone
The University of Tennessee
Doctoral Student, College of Communication and Information
Senior Writer/Producer, Marketing & Communications Services,
Institute of Agriculture
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