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We are researching the questioning and replying relation in a big Internet 
software technology forum. We have access to the log files of the forum, and 
can get information of each question discussed.

The dataset is huge.  Over 100,000 questions were posted in the forum during 
past three months and several hundards thousands people participated in the 

We will get a txt file, containing the long list of question ID, sender, and 
repliers.  For each question generally there are 5 to 30 repliers.  The 
information of one question is recorded in one row.

Our problem is we cannot find a way to convert this dataset into a network 
matrix that can be analyzed by Pajek.  Are there any computer program which 
can help to create and manipulate huge network matrix?  Anybody who has 

We would appreciate and acknowledge any suggestions and relevant work or 


Jie Yan
Assistant Professor
Grenoble Ecole de Management
12, Rue Pierre Semard - BP 127
38003 Grenoble Cedex 01, France
Tel:  0033 4 7670 6071
Fax: 0033 4 7670 6139
Email: [log in to unmask]

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