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I dunno anything about this, or the organizers. Just fyi

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Subject: ICNS 2006 || ICAS 2006 || WSTC 2006 || Call for Submissions,
     Silicon Valley, July 16-23, 2006

Apologies if you receive multiple copies.


Call for Submissions

We are pleased to announce a group of 3 outstanding scientific events
scheduled in Silicon Valley, mid-July 2006

Submissions could cover any of the tracks listed along with each conference.

We stress out the third event which is an open context on the topics
listed on the web site. Substantial prizes will be offered. Submisisons
to the contest are separate from submissions to the collocated conferences.

ICNS'06, International Conference on Networking and Services
July 16-18, 2006, Silicon Valley, USA

   ENCOT 2006: Emerging Network Communications and Technologies

   COMAN 2006: Network Control and Management

   SERVI 2006: Multi-technology service deployment and assurance

   NGNUS 2006: Next Generation Networks and Ubiquitous Services

   MPQSI 2006: Multi Provider QoS/SLA Internetworking

   GRID 2006: Grid Networks and Services

   EDNA 2006: Emergency Services and Disaster Recovery of Networks and Applications

ICAS'06, International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems
July 19-21, 2006, Silicon Valley, USA

   SYSAT 2006: Advances in system automation

   AUTSY 2006: Theory and practice of autonomous systems

   AWARE 2006: Design and deployment of context-awareness networks, services and applications

   AUTONOMIC 2006: Autonomic computing: design and management of self-behavioural networks and services

   MCMAC 2006: Monitoring, control, and management of autonomous Self-aware

   CASES 2006: Automation in specialized mobile environments

   ALCOC 2006: Algorithms and theory for control and computation

   MODEL 2006: Modeling, virtualization, any-on-demand, MDA, SOA

Summer Contest: WCTS'06, World Class Technology Summit
July 16-23, 2006, Silicon Valley, USA

Looking forward for your contribution,

On behalf of the organizers

Publicity Board: Dumitru Roman, Joel Rodriques, Damien Magoni

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