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> I am looking for social network analysis and visualization software, 
> preferably open source, to run on the UNIX/Linux platform(s). I have 
> been looking at various software packages such as UCINET, Pajek, etc., 
> with limited luck: they are meant only for the Windows platforms 
> (although they can theoretically run on Linux via WINE). Using WINE to 
> run these programs caused several problems in their execution.

> Could anyone who has had experience using software for network analysis 
> and visualization on any UNIX/Linux platform help me by providing links 
> to such software?

Things to try:

R (with the gplot.* functions in the SNA package, in particular)
Ksociograma (there's a package of it in the debian distribution...)
graphviz (and kin - neato, dotty, et cetera)
SocNetV  (see

I'm sure there is probably some sort of (more mathematical) graph analysis 
or visualization tool in Octave, as well - maybe in the octave-forge kit.

there are others.  these are things you are likely to run across - some 
more oriented toward power, some more oriented toward user-friendliness.


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