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Dear SOCNET readers,

In an attempt to answer the questions many people have about the
upcoming Sunbelt conference in Vancouver in April, 2006, I've put this

The exact conference fees have not been set for the 2006 conference. It
is likely that they will be similar to the fees for recent conferences,
in particular, the 2005 conference in Redondo Beach, California:

*Conference Registration Fees*
Type    Date    Regular Member  Student Member  Non Member
Early   2004-10-04      70 USD  40 USD  120 USD
Middle  2005-01-17      80 USD  50 USD  135 USD
Late    2005-02-07      90 USD  60 USD  150 USD

Other fees will be for the Banquet and for any Workshops that you decide
to attend. Once again, these fees have not been set for 2006, but it is
likely they will be similar to the 2005 prices. It is likely that the
following workshops, and perhaps one or two more, will be held:


        I will not attend               For one person - 55 USD                 For two persons - 110 USD

*Stephen Borgatti, Martin Everett: "Introduction to the Analysis of
Network Data via UCINET and NetDraw"

        I will attend this workshop (100 USD).

* Tom Snijders: "The Analysis of Longitudinal Social Network Data"

        I will attend this workshop (50 USD).

* Barry Wellman: "Networks for Newbies"

        I will attend this workshop (35 USD).

* Andrew Seary, Bill Richards: "MultiNet"

        I will attend this workshop (40 USD).

*Vladimir Batagelj, Andrej Mrvar, Wouter de Nooy: Pajek workshop:
"Analysis of Large Networks"

        I will attend this workshop (50 USD).

I hope this answers questions you may have. In the meantime:

To obtain up to date information about the Sunbelt Social Network
conference that will be held in Vancouver in April, 2006,  please go to
the INSNA web site at and click on Sunbelt XXVI at the
top. This will take you to the conference's web page that will include
all available information about the conference, including dates,
registration procedures and fees, paper submission forms, information
about the hotel where the conference will be held, and more.

The deadline for abstract submission is 10, January, 2006.
The deadline for hotel reservation is 16, March, 2006.
The Keynote speaker is Edward O. Laumann, George Herbert Mead
Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology and the College University
of Chicago.

For many reasons, only some related to recent political events, Social
Networks and the network perspective have been recognized as relevant
and important in a number of areas of inquiry. One consequence of this
is that INSNA has grown to have over 800 members. More people than ever
are interested in attending and presenting their work at Sunbelt
conferences. To accommodate larger numbers of papers, we have decided to
begin paper sessions in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 26.

This will allow us to keep the number of concurrent sessions low, to
maintain our traditional 30-minute slots for papers, and to preserve
open time for conference participants to engage in conversations with
one another.  To compensate for the loss of workshop time on Wednesday
afternoon, we'll begin workshops on Tuesday afternoon.

The conference will start with Workshops in the afternoon on Tuesday
April 25. Workshops will continue on Wednesday morning. Papers will
begin Wednesday afternoon and continue through to Sunday morning, April
30. A few special events, including a symposium on Social Network
approaches to STDs,  a satellite symposium on Dynamics of Networks and
Behaviour, and possibly one on p* and another on cyberinfrastructure,
will begin on Monday, April 24 and may extend onto Tuesday.

The Sunbelt conference web page will contain up to date information for
your convenience. Please let me know if you have further questions that
I may answer.

Oil the Beast,

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