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What perfect timing! I am doing my dissertation research on student
activism using the Internet. This definitely helps confirm my
preliminary findings. I am hoping to use a social network analysis as
one of the methodologies (largely because of the theoretical framework
and implications). In any case, I may need some help when it comes to
the analysis phase as thus far I am looking at hyperlink analysis and
perhaps content. The other two methods - logistic regression and
ethnography I'm good with, but SNA is pretty new. Any help would be
appreciated. Anyway, to contribute to the post:

I would suggest:

Garrido, M., & Halavais, A. (2003). Mapping networks of support for the
Zapatisa movement: Applying social-networks analysis to study
contemporary social movements. In M. McCaughey & M. D. Ayers (Eds.),
Cyberactivism: Online activism in theory and practice (pp. 165-184). New
York: Routledge.

It's a baseline SNA of the Zapatista Movement - one of the first
documented online networks.

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