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Just goes to show that nothing dies on the Internet... this was  
originally blogged 10 months ago with limited attention, but Google  
finds everything!   What closure/reputation affects does Google have?

It also shows how info starts to distort, the longer the path from  
the origin... I never talked to the reporter [who claimed I must have  
been shouting at my computer]... some people sitting near to me on  
the flight slept through the whole thing, while others had a  
conversation and did not pay attention to me... the old "Telephone  
Game" is alive and well in today's media!

BTW, who is doing research in the area of the "Telephone  
Game"[ information distorts as it goes link to link]?


On Nov 30, 2005, at 9:51 AM, David Carpe wrote:

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> i was cracking up when i read an article discussing valdis krebs  
> talking via skype on a mac while in flight (talking to edward  
> vielmetti) - the author said something to the effect of "valdis is  
> the creator of inflow (software for social network analysis,  
> whatever that is)" was (i believe) in the 'money' section, 3rd  
> page bottom row article..

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