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More "Telephone Game"... the distortion starts with the very first  
link!!!  This is from a colleague who "read" the article... he is  
mixed up on who talked to whom...

> Check out USA TODAY
> Kevin Maney article
> He talks about a conversation he had with Edward Vielmetti about you.


On Nov 30, 2005, at 11:00 AM, Valdis Krebs wrote:

> It also shows how info starts to distort, the longer the path from  
> the origin... I never talked to the reporter [who claimed I must  
> have been shouting at my computer]... some people sitting near to  
> me on the flight slept through the whole thing, while others had a  
> conversation and did not pay attention to me... the old "Telephone  
> Game" is alive and well in today's media!
> BTW, who is doing research in the area of the "Telephone  
> Game"[ information distorts as it goes link to link]?

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