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Joe Carson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I'm Joe Carson, P.E., a co-founder and current President of the
Affiliation of Christian Engineers <> (ACE).

ACE is a virtual, auxiliary, international, interdenominational,
auxiliary engineering professional society for Christian engineers,
intended to encourage and add-value to their active participation in the
engineering profession, primarily via active membership in one of the
existing major engineering professional societies.

It, as many other private organizations, is a self-selecting, voluntary,
group of individuals who wish to know and be known to others in the
group to advance items of individual or mutual interest.

There are over 20 million degreed engineers in world, millions of them
are professing Christians, most have access to internet, there is no
reason why ACE should not have 500,000+ members by 2010. But it's a
"water into wine" type operation, its revenue stream will depend on
membership dues, tentatively pegged at $15/year.

I would appreciate an opportunity to chat with anyone at INSNA about ACE
and social networking.


Joe Carson, P.E.
Knoxville, TN
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