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Dear all,

I suppose this is very common question here, but I decided to ask this anyway
to ease my uncertainty on this issue...

I'm looking for sources of information on how to design a survey form to gather
SNA data to draw network between employees inside an organization. My case
organization is a small consulting company (n=50) and my goal is to draw work
related network structure of information flow.

This far I have found two useful links from Socnet list:

Basic theory about gathering data:

An example about survey form:

I'm also interested in any SNA related research papers that are related to
networks in (knowledge intensive) service or consulting industry. If you know
any, please let me know.

With best regards,

Anssi Smedlund
Researcher, PhD Student
Helsinki University of Technology
BIT Research Centre, Innovation Management Institute
P.O. BOX 5500
FIN-02015 HUT
GSM: +358 40 533 7452
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