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The Third International Workshop on Weblogging Ecosystems will take place in
May 2006 in Edinburgh, UK.  As with the previous workshops, this is being
held in conjunction with the International World Wide Web Conference
(WWW-2006). The call for papers for the workshop is available online here:

As with previous workshops, we are calling for papers describing research
related to textual, visual, graphical and/or sociological analysis of the
blogosphere. In addition, we are pleased to announce the release of a large
data set of weblog posts in conjunction with the workshop. Please visit the
CFP for details.

Please feel free to distribute this CFP to your colleagues and to
appropriate mailing lists.

CFP: 3rd International Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem (WWE 2006)
Edinburgh, UK
May 22 or 23rd (TBD) at the WWW 2006 conference

Paper submission deadline: March 10, 2006
Author Notification: April 3, 2006

The weblogging community continues to evolve: weblogs are gaining 
more and more exposure, the number of bloggers continues to grow
and the contribution of individual bloggers is becoming significant
and compelling. The dynamics of the blogosphere, found in trackbacks,
citation links, blog-rolls, comments, tags, shared topics and 
interests provides a facinating domain of study for researchers from 
all academic and commercial fields including text mining, social 
network analysis, computational linguistics, business and marketing 
intelligence, libarary sciences, taxonometrics, graph theory and 
data visualization.

The workshop will build on the success of the previous two meetings,
bringing together researchers from these diverse areas, working in 
both academic and commercial settings: contributors with a keen 
interest in an area with increasing technological, social, political 
and cultural impact.

In addition to a regular track of research presentations, this 
year's workshop will feature the first ever weblog research data 
release. This data release will allow researchers access to a large 
coherent body of weblog post data for a specific time period. 
Researchers are encouraged to use this data set in the presentation 
of their research results at the workshop. We plan to compile the 
papers that focus on this data set into a book which will present 
an exciting view of a specific period of blogosphere history. 

Areas of Interest
The weblogging phenomenon represents an exciting opportunity for 
many fields of research. Papers submitted to this workshop should 
be focus on one or more of the following topics:

- Mapping and visualization of the blogsphere 
- Weblog taxonomies: automatic and/or manual construction, automatic 
  classification of weblog entries 
- Weblog tools: search, structured blogging, collaborative filtering 
- Aggregate measures over the blogosphere 
- Dynamics of information flow across the blogsphere 
- Sociological analyses: methods for weblog census, weblog lifecycle 
- Influence of the blogosphere on the information landscape 
- Alternative blog forms (podcasting, moblogging, photoblogs, etc.) 
- Text mining: topic detection, phrase mining, sentiment analysis, 
  gender/age/demographic identification, spam filtering, topic 
  trending/tracking, tag analysis 
- Time series forecasting: predicting future trends based on blog 
- Social network analysis: influential bloggers, ranking, authority, 
  centrality, community identification 
- Document analysis for weblogs 

Data Challange
Much of the interest in research relating to weblogs involves the 
analysis of large quantities of data. As part of this workshop, we 
are very excited to provide a data set to the research community. 
The aim is to encourage the use of this data to focus the various 
views and analyses of the blogosphere over a common space. This will 
provide a unique opportunity to compare different views of the 
blogosphere and to stimulate interesting discussion and 
collaboration. As a result of this exercise, we plan to publish a 
book containing the collected data challange papers.

The data release comprises a complete set of weblog posts for three 
weeks in July 2005 (on the order of 10M posts). This data set has 
been selected as it spans a period of time during which an event 
of global significance occurred, namely the London bombings.

The data set includes the full content of the posts plus mark-up. 
The marked-up fields include: date of posting, time of posting, 
author name, title of the post, weblog url, permalink, 
tags/categories, and outlinks classified by type - details may 
be found at the workshop homepage (see above).

Intelliseek, Inc. will facilitate the distribution of the data. 
To obtain a copy of the data, sign and fax the datashare individual 
agreement form to Intelliseek.

Paper Submission and Review
Please see the website for submission details.

Papers submitted to the workshop will undergo a peer review process 
overseen by the workshop co-chairs. Each paper will be reviewed by 
at least two program commitee members. Accepted papers will be 
presented at the workshop by one of the authors and will be 
published in the WWW-2006 Workshops CD-ROM and online.

Papers should not exceed 5000 words (approximately 12 pages) in 
length and must be submitted in PDF. Short papers (up to 6 pages) 
describing early research results are also welcome.

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