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> We are researching the questioning and replying relation in a big Internet
> software technology forum. We have access to the log files of the forum,
> and can get information of each question discussed.
> The dataset is huge.  Over 100,000 questions were posted in the forum
> during
> past three months and several hundards thousands people participated in
> the discussion.
> We will get a txt file, containing the long list of question ID, sender,
> and repliers.  For each question generally there are 5 to 30 repliers.
> The information of one question is recorded in one row.
> Our problem is we cannot find a way to convert this dataset into a
> network matrix that can be analyzed by Pajek.  Are there any computer
> program which can help to create and manipulate huge network matrix?
> Anybody who has experience?
> We would appreciate and acknowledge any suggestions and relevant work or
> references.

You should use sparse network descriptions - list of existing
arcs/edges or lists of neighbors. For Pajek see page 8 in
or slides 20, 21, 24 in
You don't need to specify the coordinates of vertices.

For a conversion program see

Vladimir Batagelj, University of Ljubljana, Department of Mathematics
  Jadranska 19, PO Box 2964, 1111 Ljubljana,  Slovenia

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