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WEB site on courts criticized
Louisville Courier-Journal - Louisville,KY,USA
. In a study published in 2003 based on interviews with 4,000 people,
the Federal Trade Commission concluded that public records of all forms
-- including those ...

NO such thing as transparent secrecy in state government
Rutland Herald - Rutland,VT,USA
. of the state's open records law, and it appears that it was 
by lawyers who suggested that there is precedent for such a clampdown
on public records. ...

MANY still drawn to typewriters and faxes
Pasadena Star-News - Pasadena,CA,USA
. company. Beck said fax machines are the preferred mode of 
when sending confidential documents within the company. But ...

SUPPORTERS rally to clerk's defense
News Leader - Fernandina Beach,FL,USA
. employees suggested that commissioners fire Mitchell for 
disclosing their Social Security numbers via e-mail while filling a 
records request ...

SHREDDING identity theft - Hackensack,NJ,USA
. business or public entity that compiles or maintains computerized 
that include ... Considering the size of files breached in the past year
- including the ...

IN the spotlight
Hindu Business Line - India
. in the US now imposes specific penalties for intentional destruction
of crucial files. ... With the growing digitisation of public records,
 including land documents ...

IDENTITY theft worries boost DocuTeam
San Luis Obispo Tribune - San Luis Obispo,CA,USA
. "We organize and manage their files for them cheaper than ... The 
also has a shredding truck that picks up documents each week and shreds
them immediately. ...

HOLE set to be blown in Enron case as leading witness seeks a way ...
Independent - London,England,UK
. justice. He admitted supervising the shredding of hundreds of 
documents at Andersen's Houston offices. Duncan also ...

PHOTOS' fate hinges on funding
Rocky Mount Telegram - Rocky Mount,NC,USA
. Based on library estimates, Reese said that hiring a photo archivist
and building the necessary infrastructure would cost over $700,000 in
the first year alone ...

PERSONNEL files stir council spat
The Republican - Springfield,MA,USA
. of councilors wanted to keep the files under lock ... dispute, 
to keep all those documents in the ... The personnel records for those
employees are kept in ...

FOOTBALLING Prisoner Of War Camp
50 Connect - UK
. he broke the England scoring and appearance records he was a ... The
project to catalogue these documents has just been completed and the 547
files include an ...

The Times Argus, Sun, 27 Nov 2005 3:03 AM PST
Book celebrates Pulitzer's Sunday World

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine ?" The bittersweet image of a tractor-trailer
pulling out  from a refurbished New Hampshire mill last year with the 
last of five
loads of old newspapers remains etched in the memories of author 
Nicholson Baker
and his wife.

Mondaq, Sun, 27 Nov 2005 5:21 AM PST
Intellectual Property
Identity theft is the number one consumer crime in America, and still
growing rapidly. In 2004, almost one in twelve households were 
victimized by
some form of identity theft, and surveys indicate that approximately 
one fifth of
Americans have been victims at one time or another.

REWARD Offered for Lost National Seal
Donga - Seoul,South Korea
A National Archives and Records Service official said, "We waited for 
to find the missing national seal, but since we had no results, we plan
to ...

NEW building will help archive storage
Fiji Times - Suva,Fiji
A NEW National Archives Building that would cost a total of $3.8million
will ensure better storage of the nation's archival heritage. ...

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