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NSA's history with SNA goes back to the late 70s is my guess, since it was a
pair of ex-NSA programmers who wrote a software package called PROMIS
(PROsecutor's Management Information System) in the early 80s, around which
a whole mythology has developed among conspiracy circles.  Its exact
capabilities are in question & most likely highly exaggerated but it
performed some form of SNA using input from various databases such as
utility & financial company customer systems.  

The full story of its history is downright bizarre, first being pirated by
the Justice Department then given to the Mossad who put a backdoor into it &
used newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell to sell hundreds of copies to
governments & corporations across the world, presumably so they could gain
covert access to the most valuable data of most of the world's intelligence

I'm just guessing here but it's reasonable to assume that the couple who
wrote PROMIS, Bill & Nancy Hamilton, learned at least something of the SNA
concepts & methods they incorporated into PROMIS on the job at NSA.  

Like I said, it's a wacky story all around but here's a couple links to back
me up:


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